TLC Litter at 3 and 4 Years Old



Male owned by Georgette Palinkas (TX)

5 MX Legs, 190 MACH Points!

CERF (FR-1641N/2002-24)

News flashes!

On Sept. 20-21, 2003, Drummer finished his NA title and earned 2 NAJ legs, with all first place ribbons in the 24" class!

On Jan. 24-25, 2004, Drummer finished his NAJ title with another clean run, first place, and earned his first 2 OA legs, one with first place and 25 seconds under SCT!

On Feb. 15, 2004, Drummer earned his first OAJ leg with a clean run, 2nd place, and on Feb. 28, 2004 he finished his OA title!

On March 27, 2004, Drummer earned his first AX leg with 1st place in the 24" Excellent Standard class!

On April 10, 2004, Drummer earned his first NADAC NAC and NJC legs with awesome clean runs and placements, and on May 15-16, he finished the NAC title with 2 first place runs!

On June 5-6, 2004, Drummer finished his NJC and NGC titles! Moved up to Open Standard, he also earned his first OAC leg with second place. All with fast clean runs! And on July 3-4, 2004, he earned his second OAC leg with third place and his first OJC leg with second place!

On July 15-16, 2004, Drummer finished his OAJ title, with 2 clean runs and 1st/2nd placements in 24" JWW!

On Sept. 25, 2004, Drummer earned his 2nd AX leg with first place, and on Oct. 9, 2004, he finished his AX title with *another* blue ribbon! This is Drummer's 8th agility title in the last 14 months!!

On Oct. 16-17, 2004, Drummer earned his first 2 MX legs and his first 17 MACH points with placements, *and* his first 2 AXJ legs with first place both runs!

On Nov. 12, 2004, Drummer earned his third AXJ leg for the title, with his 3rd blue ribbon in Excellent Jumpers! And on Nov. 14, 2004, Drummer earned his first MXJ leg and 7 more MACH points!

On Dec. 4-5, 2004, Drummer had an awesome weekend in NADAC agility, finishing his OAC and OJC titles both with first place and earning his first WV-N and TG-N legs, and his first EAC leg with first place in the Elite class!

On Dec. 11-12, 2004, Drummer earned his NADAC Elite Jumpers title with back-to-back runs, and his first Open Gamblers leg, all with second placements! With the EJC title, Drummer earned the prestigious Front & Finish Excellence Agility Gold Award (FFX ľAG) for finishing six NADAC agility titles in seven months, beating the requirements of six titles within 12 months. Look for Drummer in the upcoming Front & Finish issues! During 2004, Drummer earned 11 agility titles, including the Agility Excellent and Excellent Jumpers in AKC and Elite Jumpers in NADAC. He now holds 12 agility titles. During 2004, Drummer qualified in 34 agility runs, including two AKC Master Agility Excellent legs and one Master Excellent Jumpers leg, collecting 27 MACH points.

Drummer wasted no time kicking off 2005 . . . on Jan. 1 and 2, he finished his Open Gamblers title with first place! He also earned, with several first and second placements, his first Outstanding Open Standard leg; two Outstanding Elite Jumpers legs; his second Elite Standard leg; and his second Novice Weavers leg. Wow!!

On Jan. 22, 29, and Feb. 4-5, 2005, Drummer earned 3 more MX legs and another MXJ leg . . . MACH points now total 74!

On April 23-24, 2005, Drummer earned 2 more MXJ legs . . . MACH points now total 112!

On May 14, 2005, Drummer finished his Elite Regular titles in both NADAC and ASCA with speedy runs at second place, and earned his fifth Outstanding Elite Jumpers leg at forth place!

On June 4-5, 2005, Drummer earned his 6th Outstanding Elite Jumpers leg at 3rd place in a class of 32 dogs. In Weavers, he earned his 3rd Novice Weavers leg at 3rd place in a class of 38 dogs to finish his Novice Weavers title. Moved up to Open Weavers, Drummer nailed it again, earning his first Open Weavers leg at 1st place in a very large class. In Novice Touch N Go, Drummer earned his 2nd Novice Touch N Go leg, and his first 2 Novice Tunnelers leg at 2nd and 4th place in classes of 43 dogs!

On July 2-3, 2005, Drummer and Georgette smoked 'em at the NADAC and ASCA agility trials. Drummer:

  • Finished his Novice TouchNGo title at second place - earning the TG-N title in four runs;
  • Finished his Novice Tunnelers title at second place in a class of 28 dogs in the 20+class. His overall placement in Tunnelers, including the Elite, Open and all Novice dogs -a total of 99 dogs - was the 8th place. He ran the 32.29 second course in 21.44 second. Drummer earned the TN-N title in three consecutive runs;
  • Finishing his TG-N and TN-N titles, Drummer earned the NADAC Novice Agility Versatility Award, earning titles in all six classes;
  • Earned his first Elite Gamblers leg (EGC) at second place in NADAC;
  • Earned his 7th Outstanding Elite Jumpers leg with 5th place after 4 Border Collies, one a past AKC 24" national champion;
  • Earned his second Open Weavers leg at third place - qualifying five times in five consecutive runs in Weavers;
  • Earned an Outstanding Elite Jumpers leg in ASCA;
  • Earned an Elite Gamblers leg in ASCA as well.
Drummer now has 25 agility titles in three organization, competing in the past 21 months!

On July 22-23, 2005, Drummer earned his 7th and 8th MXJ legs and 19 more MACH points!

On Aug. 20-21, 2005, Drummer finished his NADAC Open Weavers title to earn the Front & Finish Excellence Agility Platinum Award for completing 12 titles in 15 months! In NADAC, Drummer also earned two Open Tunnelers legs, one Elite Gamblers leg, one Outstanding Elite Jumpers leg, and one Elite Weavers leg! In ASCA, Drummer finished his Elite Gamblers title and earned another Outstanding Elite Jumpers leg!

Ch. SR TLC Shalyn Rhythm O' The Island CD JH AX OAJ NAP WC CGC


Female owned by Sherri Lilley (VA)

Hips OFA Excellent (FR-3235E27F-PI)
Elbows OFA Normal (FR-EL582F27-PI)
Patellas OFA Normal (FR-PA447/34/F/P-PI)
Heart OFA Normal (FR-CA36/12F/C-PI)
CERF (FR-1511/2002-26)

Reggae winning breed over specials

News Flashes!

Litter born October 31, 2003 . . . Congratulations to Sherri, Gary and Reggae, and the proud father Dino, Ch. Blazin's Carpe Diem UD SH WCX CGC HOF! Details here!

On Feb. 7-8, 2004, Reggae earned her first 2 NA legs and a NAJ leg! And on Feb. 21-22, she finished her NA title with a clean run, first place, and earned her 2nd NAJ leg, also with first place! On April 4, 2004, Reggae finished her NAJ title with first place!

On April 10-11, 2004, Reggae earned her first OAJ leg on Saturday with first place, and earned her WC on Sunday (passing twice)!

In May, June and July, 2004, Reggae won Best of Opposite in 6 consecutive shows, followed by Best of Breed over other specials! Her daughter Shayla (Dino x. Reggae) has 8 points as of the day she turns 9 months old, all from Bred By Exhibitor class!

In Sept. 2004, Reggae won Best of Opposite both days she showed!

On Oct. 3, 2004, Reggae earned her first OA leg and 2nd OAJ leg, both with first place!

On Oct. 9-10, 2004, Reggae earned her 2nd and 3rd OA legs to finish the title with 2 more blue ribbons!

On Oct. 17, 2004, Reggae earned her first JH leg, and on March 20, 2005, she earned her first SHR leg!

On April 2-8, 2005, Reggae earned her 2nd JH leg and 1st AX leg at the National! She also earned a JAM in Unsteady Singles, passed the WC, qualified in Novice B obedience, won the Brace class with Shayla, placed 2nd in Brood Bitches with Shayla and Lily, and placed 3rd in Working Bitches -- far more than she needed to win the Irondog Award for ribbons in 3 sports -- Reggae did it in 4 sports!

Critiques by Specialty Judge Nancy Liebes: "This bitch (Reggae, Working Class) has a great set of legs - very clean down and back and quite good going around. She's a bit shorter backed with not quite as much bend of stifle as I perfer, but she is a really nice traveling solid sound bitch. This bitch (Reggae, Brood Bitch Class) brought some wonderful young get (Shayla and Lily) to represent her. I loved the leg to length proportions on the get. I was very impressed with this brace (Reggae and Shayla, Brace Class). They were a very nicely matched set of girls with nice balance, bone, conformation, and soundness. They did a really nice job."

On April 16-17, 2005, Reggae finished her OAJ title and earned her 2nd AX leg, both with clean runs and first place!

On May 21 and June 11, 2005, Reggae earned her 3rd and 4th JH legs for the title, in 4 straight tests!

Ch. TLC Agape's Treasure Chest NA NAJ CGC


Female owned by Sue Van Buren (NY)

1 CD leg

Litter of 11 born Nov. 4, 2004!

Hips OFA Excellent (FR-3362E34F-PI)
Patellas OFA Normal (FR-PA450/34/F/P-PI)
Eyes CERF (FR-1953/2005-54)
Gonioscopy Normal

China and daughter Rose
China with daughter Rose
News Flashes!

At the National Specialty in early April 2005, China made the cut in Best of Breed and earned her 2nd NA leg!

On August 12, 2005, China finished her Novice Agility title!

Ch. TLC Carry The Torch Chance CD CGC


Male owned by Judy Riedel (CT)

Hips OFA Good (FR-3194G25M-PI)
Elbows OFA Normal (FR-EL556M25-PI)
Patellas OFA Normal (FR-PA439/32/M/S-PI)
Heart OFA Normal (FR-CA42/24M/C-PI)
Eyes CERF (FR-1735/2002-25), Gonioscopy Normal

News Flash! On July 4, 2004, Chance earned his 2nd CD leg with third place in Novice A, and on Aug. 19, 2004, he finished the title!

We are greatly saddened by the untimely passing of Judy's husband and Chance's human dad, Steve Stearns, in December 2004. In Steve's memory, Chance made the cut in Best of Breed at the 2005 National Specialty.

TLC Survivor Immunity Challenge


Female owned by Alison Dickinson (NY)

Tigger and Alison
Tigger and Jerry

TLC Just Beachy Reggie


Female owned by Scott and Sarah Marden (NYC)

In loving memory of their mother "Ashley", Am/Can CH Blacfriar TLC Classic Ashley JH Am/Can WC, 1997 - 2004

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