The "IslandFlats" Litter Born April 7, 2006
2 Boys, 2 Girls (All Black)

Bred by Margaret and Terry Uminsky, NY, USA, IslandFlats
K'Mander Island Runner ("Logan") x. TLC Starlite's First Gleaming CD CGC ("Crystal" - Cosmo x. Ashley repeat)

IslandFlts Across the Universe - "Rasta" at 20 months

IslandFlats After Midnight - "CJ" at 2 years

Ch. IslandFlats American Pie CD RN NA NAJ CGC - "Lylah" at 1 year
1 RL1 Leg

IslandFlats All U Need is Love - "Piper" at 6 months

The "Neverland" Litter Born April 11, 2006
1 Girl (Black)

Bred by Peter Alea, VA, and Al Jenkins, MD, USA, Neverland Flat-Coats
NORDUCh INTUCh EST V Ch. Almanza Certain Timing (Sweden - "Ferro") x. Ch. SR Claymore´┐Żs Tinker Bell CD JH CGC ("Tink" - Cosmo x. Katie)

12 weeks old

12 weeks old

7 months old
Neverland's April of Claymore JH WCX - "April"

2 years old
Neverland's April of Claymore JH WCX - "April"

The "Paradise" Litter Born April 17, 2006
1 Boy, 2 Girls (All Black)

Bred by Eileen and Andrew Gevers (in memory . . . Godspeed, Andy), IA, USA, Paradise Flat-Coats
and Heidi and Jon Ellefson, WI, USA, Jettaway Flat-Coats
Am/Int'l. Ch. Jettaway's Seventh Heaven ("Connor" - Cosmo x. Willow) x. - Ch. Paradise's St Lucia All Incl. UD MH HOF ("Lucia")

Chloe, Summit and Dominican at 13 months

Am/Int'l Ch. Summit CD RN CGC CD-C at 3 years
Finished with three 5-point Supported majors!

Ch. Dominican SH WCX at 13 months

Ch. Chloe CGC at 13 months
Ch. Paradise Dominican Rep Punta Cana SH WCX - "Dominican"
Am/Int'l Ch. Paradise's Take It To The Top CD RN CGC CD-C - "Summit"
Ch. Paradise Jettaway Sweet Clover CGC - "Chloe"

The "Shalyn" Litter Born May 16, 2006
1 Girl (Black)

Bred by Sherri Lilley, VA, USA, Shalyn Retrievers
Ch. Salasana Double Arrow CD RA JH OA AXJ CGC HOF ("Eagle" - Cosmo x. Ronja) x. Ch. SR TLC Shalyn Rhythm O' The Island CDX JH AX OAJ NAP WC CGC ("Reggae" - Cosmo x. Ashley)

9 weeks old

2 years old
Ch. Shalyn's Night For A Moondance CD RE CGC - "Jazmine"

The "Sirius" G (Repeat) Litter Born June 4, 2006
2 Boys (Black), 2 Girls (Liver)

Bred by Renee Decker, ME, USA, Sirius Kennels
Ch. SR. TLC Bluemoon's Starlite CD SH WCX ("Blue" - Cosmo x. Ashley repeat) x. Ch. Sirius' Bountiful Blessing ("Gracie")
At birth
Liver girl at birth
3 weeks
3 weeks old
9 weeks
9 weeks old

The "Kaydin" Litter Born June 7, 2006
3 Girls (Black)

Bred by Vanessa W. Ballard, GA, USA, Kaydin Kennels
Am/Ger/Lux/Dut Ch. Serilde Qualcosadatenere JH WC ("Kai") x. Ch. Kaydin's Finding Faith CGC TDI ("Faith" - Cosmo x. Jaxon)

10 weeks old

Kaydin's Find Of The South - "Belle" at 12 months

Kaydin's Find Your Wings - "Skye" at 11 months

The "Skyline" Litter Born September 20, 2006
5 Boys, 3 Girls (All Black)

Bred by Laura Fordice, WA, USA
Ch. Coastalight No Man's An Island RN JH CGC ("Enzo") x. Am/Int'l. Ch. Flatford's Summer Skyline CD RN NA SH WCX CGC ("Abbie" - Cosmo x. Bonus)

6 weeks old

Skyline White Sands - "Tahoe" at 2 months

Skyline's Set Sail - "Splash" at 3 months
Skyline's Only Heaven Sent Skyline's Scuba Adventure JH WCX - "Scooby" (Derby 3rd)

The "Flatford" Litter Born October 9, 2006
3 Girls (Black)

Bred by Mary and Marv Farwell, IL, USA
Am/Can Ch. Butterblac's Call For Backup ("Cruiser") x. Ch. Flatford's Comic Relief JH WC ("DeeDee" - Cosmo x. Bonus)

1 week old

Ch. Flatford's Velvet Diamond - "Winter"

The "Whazthat" Litter Born January 16, 2007
1 Boy (Black), 2 Girls (1 Black, 1 Liver)

Bred by Jeanne Allen, OR, USA
Ch. Whazthat's Across The Stars CD RN ("Jedi" - Cosmo x. Reba) x. Ch. Whazthat Prairie Flower ("Flower")

"Jax" at 2 months

Whazthat's Kissed By The Stars RN - "Kiss" at 20 months
2 RA Legs

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