Flatford *Repeat* Litter at 6 to 19 Months Old

Flatford's Eddie Murphy JH WCX** CGC -- "Murphy"

2005 Singles Champion

Male owned by Cindy Tulpa (WA)

Specialty JAM in USS-B at 9 months;
JH at 14 months; Derby 2nd, WCX, and Steady Singles WIN at 19 months; 3 SH legs!

Eyes CERF (FR-1944/2005-19)
Gonioscopy Normal

5 Ch. Points, 3 Derby Points!

13 months old
13 months old 13 months old
9 months old 9 months old
6 months old 15 months old
News Flashes!
  • On Feb. 15, 2004, Murphy was Reserve Winners Dog at his first show, at 6 months old!
  • At the National Specialty in May in California, earned a field JAM in Unsteady Singles B, owner handled by Cindy Tulpa, the day he turned 9 months old! Congratulations also to Cindy and her dog Kal, who won a Gold Rush Award at the Specialty for qualifying or placing in agility, obedience and field!!
  • On July 11, 2004, Murphy earned his first JH leg at his first test, at 11 months old, and earned his 2nd JH leg at 12 months old!
  • On Sept. 7, 2004, Murphy earned his CGC!
  • On Sept. 25, 2004, Murphy earned his 3rd JH leg at 13 months old!
  • On Oct. 16, 2004, Murphy finished his JH title at 14 months!
  • On Nov. 26, 27 and 28, 2004, Murphy won his first 5 points going Best of Winners each day, including Best of Opposite over a special twice! Murphy was handled at these shows by Golden breeder Nancy Kelly.
  • On Jan. 29-30, 2005, Murphy was Reserve both days at the Cow Palace benched shows in Calif.!
  • On April 1, 2005, Murphy placed 2nd out of 10 starters in the FCRSA Specialty Derby in GA!
  • On April 2, 2005, Murphy earned his first Senior Hunter leg!
  • On April 3, 2005, Murphy earned his WC and WCX and **won the Steady Singles Championship** at the National Specialty!
  • On July 16, 2005, Murphy earned his 2nd SH leg in as many tests!
  • On July 17, 2005, Murphy was Reserve to a 4 point major!
  • On Aug. 21, 2005, Murphy earned his 3rd SH leg -- he's 3 for 3!

Ch. Flatford's Comic Relief JH WC - "DeeDee"

Female owned by Mary and Marv Farwell (IL)

Champion at 12 months!

7 months old
News Flashes!
  • On the Louisville circuit March 13-14, 2004, DeeDee won a 3 point major on Sat. and 2 more points on Sun.!
  • At the National Specialty in May in California, DeeDee made the cut in 6-9 Month Puppy Sweeps class under Lori Mihm-Kunz, and placed 4th in 6-9 Month regular class under Brenda Phillips, breeder/owner handled by Mary Farwell!
  • On June 11, 2004, DeeDee was Best of Winners in IL for 2 more points!
  • On July 10-11, 2004, DeeDee was handled by Mary to win the the point each day!
  • On her first birthday, Aug. 7, 2004, DeeDee was handled by Mary to another point, giving her 10 with a major! And on Aug. 21, 2004, Mary handled DeeDee to Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweeps under Helen Szostak at the MN Supported!
  • On Aug. 28, 2004, DeeDee won Best of Breed over a special for her 2nd major, giving her 13 points!
  • On Sept. 4-5, 2004, DeeDee won the point each day, to finish her Championship!
  • At the National Specialty in April 2005, DeeDee earned her WC title and first JH leg, and then helped her mom win 4th place in Brood Bitches! DeeDee also made several cuts in Best of Breed at the Specialty!
  • On May 7, 2005, DeeDee earned her 4th leg to finish her JH title!

Flatford Divine Miss M, CD WC - "Bette"

Female owned by Andrea and Charles Kane (IL) and Mary Farwell

13 Points/Both Majors, 3 JH Legs

Eyes CERF (FR-1947/2005-19)

News Flashes!
  • On Dec. 12, 2004, Bette won her first point, and on Jan. 29, 2005, she won her first major -- a 4 pointer!
  • At the National Specialty in April 2005, Bette made the cut in Open Bitch class!
  • On May 7, 2005, Bette won another 4 point major, and earned her first CD leg with a 190 score!
  • On June 11, 2005, Bette won another point, giving her 10 points with both majors, a CD leg and 2 JH legs!
  • On June 17, 2005, Bette won another point and another CD leg with a 196 score!
  • On June 26, 2005, Bette earned her Working Certificate!
  • On Aug. 14, 2005, Bette won 2 more points, giving her 13 with both majors!

Flatford's Friend Phoebe - "Dori"

Female owned by Brita Bednar (IA) and Mary Farwell


News Flashes!
  • On April 18, 2004, Dori won her first point, owner handled by Brita!
  • On July 17, 2005, Dori won another point!

Flatford Dharma Indigo - "Indigo"

Female owned by Michael Hoadley (IL) and Mary Farwell

14 months old

The 2004 National Specialty in California: Melody with Cosmo (9 years); Cindy with Murphy (repeat litter, 8 months); Laura with Abbie (15 months); Mary with DeeDee (repeat litter, 8 months)

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