Litter Born February 5, 2003, in Finland

5 Black Males, 2 Liver Males, 5 Black Females, and 1 Liver Female!

Cosmo Ronja
CH SR SHR U-CDX U-AGI Blazin's Back O' The Moon
Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal, Patellas OFA Normal, Heart OFA Normal, Thyroid OFA Normal, Eyes CERF Clear and Gonioscopy Normal
Mei Dan Haukansilmä
Hips A/A, Eyes Clear, Qualified in the field (passed Retriever test)
Major Pointed in the US -- Supported Entry Best of Winners!
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From her owner, Piia Ulvinen:

For me, Ronja is the most gorgeous dog on earth of course ;). She is very eager to please, extremely fast, loves to work, very realible when working. She is great with kids (I have 2 boys) and people in general. She is one very happy flat-coat!


Good head, good eye color for liver. Exellent neck, good topline, good conformation, good coat quality, good angulations, moves very nicely. Very nicely shown.
Inge E:son Thor, Sweden

Big bitch but very feminine, feminine head, outstanding neck, little out of coat today, very good angulations, very good body, very good bones, moves well and nicely. Nicely shown.
Ewa Nielsen, Sweden

Exellent type, elegant bitch with good head, beautiful neck and topline. Correct depth of rib ja good body. Excellent angulations of hind legs. Good bones. Beautiful, long side movements, good liver color. Today not enoug coat.
Kirsi Nieminen, Finland

Good breedtype. Good head and reach of neck. Good bone. Well ribbed up. Moderate turn of stifle and good tailcarriage.
Barbara Hyde, New Zealand

2.5 years old liver bitch. Very nice head with nice eyes. Good reach of neck. Nice bones. Good feet. Level topline. Nice quarters. Good tail. Moved very well.
Roger Millbank, UK

Piia asked me to write down some of my thoughts about her dog "Ronja" ; of course I feel honored for her trust.

First some observations about Ronja' s physical appearance :

  • Ronja is a relatively large and strong bitch .
  • She is very fast and durable in the meaning that she can go on and on forever as it looks.
  • Still she is a beautiful dog that pleases your eye and she will probably have a show-career in the future (though she might have some more coat to please certain show judges).
Perhaps the most characteristic feature in Ronja is her enormous aptitude to work - to fetch. Ronja is a natural retriever. She has never been force-trained and still she delivers to hand with speed and style. What pleases me particularly is the fact that she keeps her pace unchanged on the way in as well as on the way out during a fetch.

This passion to work in combination that Piia didn't have the experience nor knowledge in retriever training had lead to that she was very vocal (to my personal taste) when we first met. Especially it was so when she was supposed to honor another dog's work. After systematic training has that defect diminished and almost vanished.

Ronja has a strong desire to please, which means that her trainability is good and she learns new things very fast, but she needs consistency in training (who doesn't ?) so she will not forget as soon as well.

Meanwhile Ronja gets proper training I suppose that she'll learn to relax better between the tasks and thereby she will improve her ability to concentrate on the actual task at hand. And when she does . . . she will have a future in the Finnish Hunt Tests as well. Of course supposed again that Piia has ability to do her homework and develop as a handler along with her dog.

Veijo Sarinko, Finland

Ronja at 4 months old
From flat-coat owner Minna Karvinen, Finland:

Ronja has enormous enthusiasm to fetch. She is fast, on land and in water. She doesn't seem to have a problem with the game. One big plus I would give her for not being moody, when working. So you can basically count on her reliability by 100% when you ask her to do something.

About her character, she is a really sweet and affectionate young bitch, who has a big heart for a dog. She obeys well, keeps contact and loves to please you. She has good nerves and the concentration to her tasks is wonderful, as she doesn't pay any attention to the other dogs or people when doing the given task.

Cosmo Cosmo
Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal, Patellas OFA Normal, Heart OFA Normal, Thyroid OFA Normal, Eyes CERF Clear and Gonioscopy ACVO Normal
Cosmo has tremendous working potential, as evidenced by his CDX earned in his first 3 trials with all placements; his Novice, Open and Excellent Agility titles earned with all placements; and his 16 field/hunt test passes, all earned in a 2 year period. His focus, attitude and work ethic are superb, and he never quits trying to please.

Cosmo is a moderate size dog with effortless movement from every direction. He finished with 3 majors at 24 months from the Bred By Exhibitor class over specials; is a Supported Entry breed winner from the Working Dog class; and has won or placed in 6 National Specialty breed classes. "An exceptional shoulder, with good balance front and rear" according to Chris Zink, DVM, "Coaching the Canine Athlete" seminar.


CH Wyndhamian Dash
Am/Can CH Athercroft's Blac Jack HOF
BIS CH Athercroft Blac Is Beautiful HOF
BISS Am/Can CH Snowdown Canis Major CD
CH Bull Hill's Aspen
CH Grousemoor Evening Jeau
CH Torwood Poppy Am/Can CD WC
BISS CH Spring Valley Riparian CDX WC HOF
Am/Mex CH Tealsnest Topsail Trover UD JH WCX Mex PCE HOF
Am/Mex CH OTCH Berncroft Branta UD WC PC HOF
CH SR Lyric Queen Of The Mountain CDX JH NA NAJ WCX CGC Can CD WC
Am/Can CH Bertschires Jesse James CD JH WCX HOF
CH Bolingbroke's Reggae Rocker UD CGC TDI 2 JH Legs
Am/Can CH Byabrook's Bird-in-Hand
Pearly Coat Dangerous Poteen
Fin MVA Lau
Sniffens Zico
Shargleam Woodcock
Sniffens Natalia
Sniffens Zina
Mei Dan Haukansilmä
Almanza The First Chocolate Delight
Almanza William The Conqueror
Almanza Some Like It Hot
Almanza Chocolate Cheesecake
Almanza Dark Midnight Miracle
Almanza Mad About Chocolate
Almanza Hole In One

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